Athanor Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
J122155 - Swift Relax D-R00018 J122155 Athanor
J103008 - Enola-Gaye D-R00018 J103008 Athanor
J121006 - MoonBlaster D-R00021 J121006 Athanor
J121006 - Transmutaur D-R00021 J121006 Athanor
J160046 - Hex's Clutter Generator D-R00021 J160046 Athanor
J160046 - Scotty's Nicotine Patch D-R00021 J160046 Athanor
J224754 - Moon Patrol D-R00021 J224754 Athanor
J135807 - Greens Creek D-R00021 J135807 Athanor
J135807 - Fire Creek D-R00021 J135807 Athanor
J135807 - The Distillery D-R00021 J135807 Athanor
J130451 - FK-IT and Mine D-R00021 J130451 Athanor
J100937 - Secret Cromlab D-R00021 J100937 Athanor
J101535 - Dusty D-R00021 J101535 Athanor
J134132 - Test Moon A-R00001 J134132 Athanor
J105443 - DeepHome A-R00001 J105443 Athanor
J171653 - 8 of Spades A-R00001 J171653 Athanor
J102206 - All quiet here nothing going on A-R00001 J102206 Athanor
J172907 - Ray's Palace of Love A-R00001 J172907 Athanor
J102304 - AM-1 C-R00015 J102304 Athanor
J102304 - BM-1 C-R00015 J102304 Athanor
J135129 - Friends of Tears l REF C-R00015 J135129 Athanor
J135642 - The Penetrator C-R00015 J135642 Athanor
J104001 - Base C-R00015 J104001 Athanor
J144746 - III-I D-R00016 J144746 Athanor
J144746 - EIITA D-R00016 J144746 Athanor
J141055 - VanderWaals D-R00016 J141055 Athanor
J104311 - Lost Vegas moon D-R00016 J104311 Athanor
J131204 - POPPY II B-R00004 J131204 Athanor
J103217 - Saeder Krupp B-R00004 J103217 Athanor
J103406 - Department of Asset Extraction B-R00004 J103406 Athanor
J150921 - Test Refinery Please Ignore B-R00004 J150921 Athanor
J144838 - Rostov on Don B-R00004 J144838 Athanor
J134006 - The Bearded Clam B-R00004 J134006 Athanor
J144316 - Red Rock Moon Port C-R00014 J144316 Athanor
J211151 - Red Rocket C-R00014 J211151 Athanor
J172422 - House of Tristana C-R00014 J172422 Athanor
J205412 - Ich mach Kasse C-R00012 J205412 Athanor
J132222 - Please don't shoot we just mine C-R00012 J132222 Athanor
J133207 - New Ore Heaven C-R00012 J133207 Athanor
J130247 - Tina's Alt Drawer C-R00012 J130247 Athanor
J133121 - Ingtar's House of Sin C-R00012 J133121 Athanor
J143513 - Freeport C-R00012 J143513 Athanor
J134431 - Tortuga C-R00012 J134431 Athanor
J231545 - Candy Mountain C-R00012 J231545 Athanor
J100142 - GELEZAKA2 D-R00020 J100142 Athanor
J152636 - The Mines C-R00011 J152636 Athanor
J145916 - Flat Hill Road C-R00011 J145916 Athanor
J164713 - Not So Hidy C-R00011 J164713 Athanor
J133513 - 3 Mining E-R00029 J133513 Athanor
J142814 - Molerat E-R00029 J142814 Athanor
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