Fortizar Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
J162437 - X-33 C-R00012 J162437 Fortizar
Mastakomon - T.A.N Market Hub The Forge Mastakomon Fortizar
Gisleres - SSIAG-0.2 % Market-Tax Verge Vendor Gisleres Fortizar
Arton - FreePORT I-HUB Domain Arton Fortizar
Arnola - Nightclub Capital - Freeport Derelik Arnola Fortizar
Frarn - Trade Center Ore Heimatar Frarn Fortizar
O3Z5-G - SNAT-Sanctuary Immensea O3Z5-G Fortizar
Asabona - Anares Asylum Derelik Asabona Fortizar
Bairshir - MARKET HUB+CLONES BAY Derelik Bairshir Fortizar
Frarn - Use ICY Sotiyo in system Heimatar Frarn Fortizar
Muvolailen - Kite Shield - 1% Tax The Citadel Muvolailen Fortizar
Heydieles - Sevastopol Station Essence Heydieles Fortizar
J145335 - -Shadows home for the weird D-R00023 J145335 Fortizar
L1S-G1 - Freeport Project L1S Great Wildlands L1S-G1 Fortizar
Algasienan - Outer Ring Hub City Placid Algasienan Fortizar
J212627 - Static Limit D-R00022 J212627 Fortizar
Oulley - Public Intaki Pirate Port Placid Oulley Fortizar
Podion - Tanoo Trading Team Derelik Podion Fortizar
R3-K7K - Bartertown Providence R3-K7K Fortizar
Lashkai - M1 - Fenway Plant Domain Lashkai Fortizar
Erila - Waypoint Station The Citadel Erila Fortizar
Hysera - Waypoint Station The Citadel Hysera Fortizar
Inghenges - Eye of Nfynity Sinq Laison Inghenges Fortizar
Perimeter - Safe Trade Hub - Panfam Secured The Forge Perimeter Fortizar
Adahum - Blue Star Mining Tash-Murkon Adahum Fortizar
Usi - For Sale - Read Bio The Citadel Usi Fortizar
Vaajaita - Waypoint Station Lonetrek Vaajaita Fortizar
Perckhevin - best market tax in essence 4sale Essence Perckhevin Fortizar
Ragnarg - Waypoint Station Metropolis Ragnarg Fortizar
Auga - Stormwind Auction House Heimatar Auga Fortizar
Urlen - private assets. The Forge Urlen Fortizar
Emsar - Thyssen-Krupp Headquarters Genesis Emsar Fortizar
1-PGSG - Walmart Detorid 1-PGSG Fortizar
1ACJ-6 - SETA Etherium Reach 1ACJ-6 Fortizar
J212906 - Twelve Forti VIII B-R00008 J212906 Fortizar
J120134 - White Council D-R00022 J120134 Fortizar
Niarja X - DTC Trade Station Domain Niarja Fortizar
J160710 - Homey A-R00002 J160710 Fortizar
Shastal - BORE Freeport EC Tunnel Devoid Shastal Fortizar
Jan - Waypoint Station Lonetrek Jan Fortizar
Autaris - Lonetrek Black Market Lonetrek Autaris Fortizar
Tendhyes - Motel 666 Tash-Murkon Tendhyes Fortizar
Lari - COIM Market Hub Tash-Murkon Lari Fortizar
Kadlina - No Kains Allowed Molden Heath Kadlina Fortizar
ZXA-V6 - 666666666 Tenal ZXA-V6 Fortizar
Villore - BLACK MARKET .1% Essence Villore Fortizar
Yria - Swiss Department of Economic The Citadel Yria Fortizar
Carrou - Waypoint Station Sinq Laison Carrou Fortizar
Fahruni - SECSI Deep Space K-7 Domain Fahruni Fortizar
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