Astrahus Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
J122155 - Swift Outpost D-R00018 J122155 Astrahus
J122155 - The Den D-R00018 J122155 Astrahus
J132149 - P.O.P.P.Y. D-R00018 J132149 Astrahus
J163641 - 4SALE - EVEMAIL CEO D-R00018 J163641 Astrahus
J103008 - Trinity D-R00018 J103008 Astrahus
J131553 - ErStella D-R00018 J131553 Astrahus
J172915 - Mech Hole D-R00018 J172915 Astrahus
J135508 - Shimalockamuda D-R00018 J135508 Astrahus
J231341 - Walawuk D-R00018 J231341 Astrahus
J142355 - Ancillary Trash Can D-R00018 J142355 Astrahus
J142355 - Critical Distortion D-R00018 J142355 Astrahus
J160016 - Razors Edge D-R00021 J160016 Astrahus
J110417 - Freeport D-R00021 J110417 Astrahus
J113551 - Bumper Cars D-R00021 J113551 Astrahus
J121006 - Sakura Island D-R00021 J121006 Astrahus
J140932 - Blaze It D-R00021 J140932 Astrahus
J204853 - Sleepers D-R00021 J204853 Astrahus
J140932 - Hole For Sale D-R00021 J140932 Astrahus
J141104 - ╬╬ Lud D-R00021 J141104 Astrahus
J144743 - Bela Vistal D-R00021 J144743 Astrahus
J130451 - Cloakers Inn D-R00021 J130451 Astrahus
J105621 - Citadel of Ricks D-R00021 J105621 Astrahus
J130451 - Valaskjalf D-R00021 J130451 Astrahus
J105621 - Mr Poopy Butthole D-R00021 J105621 Astrahus
J170445 - Freeport Alpha D-R00021 J170445 Astrahus
J135543 - (*_☺_*) D-R00021 J135543 Astrahus
J135543 - Dacha Stalina D-R00021 J135543 Astrahus
J135543 - Бастилия D-R00021 J135543 Astrahus
J160016 - In loving memory of Wes B D-R00021 J160016 Astrahus
J170305 - Ukraine D-R00021 J170305 Astrahus
J170305 - Mother Russia D-R00021 J170305 Astrahus
J123753 - Social Injustice D-R00021 J123753 Astrahus
J155214 - Beer Thirty D-R00021 J155214 Astrahus
J155214 - The Rose & Crown Pub D-R00021 J155214 Astrahus
J155214 - Grandpa's Porn Shack D-R00021 J155214 Astrahus
J155214 - House of Kevins D-R00021 J155214 Astrahus
J141001 - D-DON D-R00021 J141001 Astrahus
J123947 - Arnarra's Haven D-R00021 J123947 Astrahus
J100937 - ☼ El Matador ☼ D-R00021 J100937 Astrahus
J162831 - Обитель брата Хомаса D-R00021 J162831 Astrahus
J215101 - Academy heroes D-R00021 J215101 Astrahus
J225441 - Sagittarius D-R00021 J225441 Astrahus
J101042 - RedWing Industry Foundations D-R00021 J101042 Astrahus
J151021 - Mototechna D-R00021 J151021 Astrahus
J162656 - Friendship Best Ship D-R00021 J162656 Astrahus
J164025 - 圣光之愿礼拜堂 D-R00021 J164025 Astrahus
J134333 - Atlantis Expedition D-R00021 J134333 Astrahus
J121006 - SERENITY D-R00021 J121006 Astrahus
J145848 - Valhalla D-R00021 J145848 Astrahus
J103141 - Serpentis Sortie D-R00021 J103141 Astrahus
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