Wormholes Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
J122259 - ☜Ω☞ Zerus ☜Ω☞ C-R00012 J122259 Raitaru
J151902 - The Funkatarium B-R00006 J151902 Astrahus
J101012 - TowerOne C-R00009 J101012 Astrahus
J155616 - The Nut House B-R00004 J155616 Raitaru
J145825 - You Wouldn't Download A Fort E-R00028 J145825 Fortizar
J143704 - Abbo Hotel C-R00014 J143704 Astrahus
J115418 - The Pen E-R00027 J115418 Astrahus
J113950 - Salacia D-R00022 J113950 Astrahus
J123546 - ↯ḊṪṖ™ Meow E-R00029 J123546 Astrahus
J215101 - W-Space Factory D-R00021 J215101 Raitaru
J215101 - Academy heroes D-R00021 J215101 Astrahus
J131802 - Dark Facilities C-R00012 J131802 Astrahus
J111740 - Hades B-R00004 J111740 Astrahus
J103529 - Perse C-R00013 J103529 Astrahus
J230221 - 404 RESPECT NOT FOUND E-R00029 J230221 Raitaru
J104643 - Damasus C-R00012 J104643 Astrahus
J145735 - beer E-R00026 J145735 Astrahus
J162638 - Quorum Berries E-R00024 J162638 Astrahus
J113108 - Vo Mimbre B-R00005 J113108 Astrahus
J143546 - Cruz Control B-R00007 J143546 Astrahus
J122259 - ☜Ω☞ Tarsonis ☜Ω☞ C-R00012 J122259 Astrahus
J122259 - ☜た☞ Argos ☜た☞ C-R00012 J122259 Astrahus
J231545 - Evuction Op C-R00012 J231545 Raitaru
J110946 - Printing Press E-R00029 J110946 Azbel
J172701 - ニューフロンティア C-R00014 J172701 Astrahus
J102143 - Bada Bing C-R00010 J102143 Astrahus
J125657 - StodderBorgen E-R00027 J125657 Astrahus
J204350 - #DaleWasHere E-R00027 J204350 Astrahus
J171722 - ₪ In Memory of Derrick E-R00029 J171722 Astrahus
J103339 - ڴpitfire B-R00004 J103339 Astrahus
J103339 - ♍∆Ɗ House B-R00004 J103339 Raitaru
J103339 - ڲyndicate B-R00004 J103339 Astrahus
J151902 - Paradise Garage B-R00006 J151902 Raitaru
J232336 - Ghost of Jupiter E-R00024 J232336 Astrahus
J102257 - Scarlett's Love Harem C-R00009 J102257 Astrahus
J142200 - Hard Rock Cafe D-R00016 J142200 Fortizar
J170151 - FOR SALE BY OWNER D-R00022 J170151 Astrahus
J122635 - 城郭 (Jōkaku) B-R00008 J122635 Astrahus
J170151 - Darklesparkle's Moist Clamhouse D-R00022 J170151 Astrahus
J123055 - The Shire MK2 E-R00029 J123055 Astrahus
J122524 - lpr3qth B-R00007 J122524 Raitaru
J113950 - Dealer's Choice D-R00022 J113950 Raitaru
J140336 - NCXI-Unclaimable E-R00025 J140336 Astrahus
J164931 - Mariner B-R00005 J164931 Astrahus
J125824 - Milla Jovovich B-R00007 J125824 Astrahus
J172028 - Sponge Harbor C-R00014 J172028 Astrahus
J164931 - Deacon B-R00005 J164931 Astrahus
J170151 - The biggest Rick in Town D-R00022 J170151 Fortizar
J155403 - The Clinic C-R00014 J155403 Astrahus
J141637 - Helms Deep B-R00008 J141637 Astrahus
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