Fountain Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
Q-XEB3 - XENIUS Industries Fountain Q-XEB3 Raitaru
R-BGSU - WeylanD Yutownie Fountain R-BGSU Raitaru
OL3-78 - Jaded and Confused Fountain OL3-78 Raitaru
NDH-NV - RWB Rigips Werk Berlin OsT Fountain NDH-NV Raitaru
A-HZYL - Nothing Fountain A-HZYL Raitaru
B32-14 - Harald Nyborg Fountain B32-14 Raitaru
G95F-H - STARK Fountain G95F-H Raitaru
D2AH-Z - Labo Fountain D2AH-Z Raitaru
B32-14 - Bauhaus Fountain B32-14 Raitaru
7X-02R - Fountain Fleet Testing Facilitie Fountain 7X-02R Raitaru
7X-02R - Fountain Armaments Factory Fountain 7X-02R Raitaru
9-VO0Q - Solid Water Fountain 9-VO0Q Raitaru
C-C99Z - ID01 - I Don't Even Like ECs Fountain C-C99Z Raitaru
A8-XBW - Tyee's Revenge Fountain A8-XBW Raitaru
WY-9LL - Bobov Dol Power Plant Fountain WY-9LL Raitaru
671-ST - SWARM Tango Fountain 671-ST Raitaru
C-C99Z - Livin' La Vida Loca Fountain C-C99Z Raitaru
BYXF-Q - Ice Ice Baby Fountain BYXF-Q Raitaru
7X-02R - Fountain Excavations Refinery Fountain 7X-02R Raitaru
A8-XBW - The Cooker Fountain A8-XBW Raitaru
R3W-XU - Neb's Kush Gardens Fountain R3W-XU Raitaru
WY-9LL - Kremikovtsi Fountain WY-9LL Raitaru
D4KU-5 - NOGAG IS RECRUITING Fountain D4KU-5 Raitaru
A8-XBW - Qing's Assembly Fountain A8-XBW Raitaru
WY-9LL - Serpentis Factory Fountain WY-9LL Raitaru
R3W-XU - DISSD SUCKS Fountain R3W-XU Raitaru
P5-EFH - Heyyyyy Macarena Fountain P5-EFH Raitaru
L-A5XP - Gangsta's Paradise Fountain L-A5XP Raitaru
9D6O-M - I'm Too Sexy Fountain 9D6O-M Raitaru
SPLE-Y - minion building home Fountain SPLE-Y Azbel
B32-14 - SILVAN Fountain B32-14 Azbel
D2AH-Z - Rog town Fountain D2AH-Z Azbel
D2AH-Z - Ymer's house Fountain D2AH-Z Sotiyo
3WE-KY - kuaidi Fountain 3WE-KY Astrahus
Z9PP-H - ABSCD Welcomes Refugees Fountain Z9PP-H Astrahus
NDH-NV - Tavern of the Rising sun Fountain NDH-NV Astrahus
LJ-TZW - Makkhetes vagy tökalsó? Fountain LJ-TZW Astrahus
CL-BWB - VII Fountain CL-BWB Astrahus
SPLE-Y - Minion Home Fountain SPLE-Y Astrahus
D-Q04X - zii D-Q Fountain D-Q04X Astrahus
1-5GBW - zii 1-5 Fountain 1-5GBW Astrahus
ATQ-QS - zii Fountain ATQ-QS Astrahus
DBRN-Z - DBRN Fountain DBRN-Z Astrahus
B32-14 - Døgneren Fountain B32-14 Astrahus
D-Q04X - THE PROMISED LAND Fountain D-Q04X Astrahus
75FA-Z - Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence Fountain 75FA-Z Astrahus
YZ-LQL - Gunboat Diplomat Fountain YZ-LQL Astrahus
D-Q04X - House of Friendship Fountain D-Q04X Astrahus
MN5N-X - Content Stick Guardhouse Fountain MN5N-X Astrahus
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