Providence Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
R3-K7K - X-R3NM Lookout Providence R3-K7K Raitaru
IWZ3-C - Sephiroth Providence IWZ3-C Raitaru
6-OQJV - Technocrats Science Academy Providence 6-OQJV Raitaru
7YWV-S - Small Ship Yard Providence 7YWV-S Raitaru
N-RMSH - Research Providence N-RMSH Raitaru
X6AB-Y - Upwell Assembly Plant Providence X6AB-Y Raitaru
X6AB-Y - Production Providence X6AB-Y Raitaru
8B-VLX - Q'onoS-Production Center Providence 8B-VLX Raitaru
X-4WZD - Laboratorium Providence X-4WZD Raitaru
VKI-T7 - COGG GOT SOV Providence VKI-T7 Raitaru
9UY4-H - H6-CX8 lookout Providence 9UY4-H Raitaru
INQ-WR - INQ-WR Raitaru Providence INQ-WR Raitaru
ZT-LPU - Fuel - structure Providence ZT-LPU Raitaru
ZT-LPU - Advanced components Providence ZT-LPU Raitaru
H9-J8N - GT Manufacturing Providence H9-J8N Raitaru
3D-CQU - Navy Reserve Research Lab Providence 3D-CQU Raitaru
18-GZM - Ante Omnia Armari Providence 18-GZM Raitaru
ZT-LPU - T2 Ship manufacturing Providence ZT-LPU Raitaru
AY-YCU - Cloud 10 Providence AY-YCU Raitaru
AY-YCU - Ozy's Heart Providence AY-YCU Raitaru
X-4WZD - Polaris Smithy Providence X-4WZD Raitaru
IWZ3-C - The Brojo Providence IWZ3-C Raitaru
TXJ-II - Hotel New Hampshire Providence TXJ-II Raitaru
B-WPLZ - 0RIG - Med Ship Mfg Providence B-WPLZ Raitaru
FX-7EM - Deep Space Research Providence FX-7EM Raitaru
TXJ-II - House in the village Providence TXJ-II Raitaru
9-F0B2 - Technocrats Science Academy Providence 9-F0B2 Raitaru
8P9-BM - Rogue's Stomping Ground Providence 8P9-BM Raitaru
GN7-XY - Utgard Providence GN7-XY Raitaru
AY-YCU - J Brown and E Vox Drydocks Providence AY-YCU Raitaru
8P9-BM - Higgs Hub - The COGG Providence 8P9-BM Raitaru
IWZ3-C - Jaeden's SubCapital Production Providence IWZ3-C Raitaru
8P9-BM - Nestor Institute - The COGG Providence 8P9-BM Raitaru
B-WPLZ - 0RIG - Invention - Research Providence B-WPLZ Raitaru
PI5-39 - Hypnos Providence PI5-39 Raitaru
ZT-LPU - NRDS Raitaru Providence ZT-LPU Raitaru
ZT-LPU - empty 1 Providence ZT-LPU Raitaru
8P9-BM - Astero Laboratory - The COGG Providence 8P9-BM Raitaru
H9-J8N - GT R&D Labs Providence H9-J8N Raitaru
B-WPLZ - 0RIG - Lg Ship Fuel Structure Mf Providence B-WPLZ Raitaru
B-WPLZ - 0RIG - Ammo Equip Rigs Mfg Providence B-WPLZ Raitaru
3KB-J0 - empty 3 Providence 3KB-J0 Raitaru
3KB-J0 - empty 4 Providence 3KB-J0 Raitaru
3KB-J0 - empty 6 Providence 3KB-J0 Raitaru
YWS0-Z - Hooker Tanning Station Providence YWS0-Z Raitaru
3KB-J0 - empty 3 Providence 3KB-J0 Raitaru
3KB-J0 - empty2 Providence 3KB-J0 Raitaru
3KB-J0 - empty Providence 3KB-J0 Raitaru
X6AB-Y - - Large Shipyard Providence X6AB-Y Raitaru
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