Syndicate Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
EU0I-T - Laseba The Hutt Syndicate EU0I-T Raitaru
5-DSFH - Golden Goat Complex Syndicate 5-DSFH Raitaru
PC9-AY - Endor Syndicate PC9-AY Raitaru
PC9-AY - Mon Calamari Syndicate PC9-AY Raitaru
10UZ-P - Cascais Industries Syndicate 10UZ-P Raitaru
X-BV98 - Moon 17 Syndicate X-BV98 Raitaru
AK-QBU - IceCare - Freeport Syndicate AK-QBU Raitaru
T22-QI - Repair Station 0MB-3R Syndicate T22-QI Raitaru
97X-CH - We're Back Bitches Syndicate 97X-CH Raitaru
A-3ES3 - Tash-Murkon Shipyard Syndicate A-3ES3 Raitaru
PC9-AY - New Republic Research Facility Syndicate PC9-AY Raitaru
AK-QBU - Sun Hub- Freeport Syndicate AK-QBU Raitaru
PC9-AY - Sluis Van Syndicate PC9-AY Raitaru
K5-JRD - What day is it? Syndicate K5-JRD Raitaru
TXW-EI - DRH UNIVERSE Syndicate TXW-EI Raitaru
5-75MB - Vykos Research Center Syndicate 5-75MB Raitaru
X-PYH5 - CHILLIN Syndicate X-PYH5 Raitaru
AK-QBU - Wolfgang's Etude Syndicate AK-QBU Raitaru
KTHT-O - Indyhouse Syndicate KTHT-O Raitaru
RF-GGF - CAS-Home Syndicate RF-GGF Raitaru
BY-S36 - CAS Labor Syndicate BY-S36 Raitaru
RF-GGF - CasMake Syndicate RF-GGF Raitaru
0LTQ-C - MidWay Syndicate 0LTQ-C Raitaru
PF-346 - OUTPOST 346 Syndicate PF-346 Raitaru
0EK-NJ - Jezabels Bordello Syndicate 0EK-NJ Raitaru
MHC-R3 - Orion Station Syndicate MHC-R3 Raitaru
MHC-R3 - lil Keep Syndicate MHC-R3 Raitaru
98Q-8O - Nab's Pancake Kitchen Syndicate 98Q-8O Raitaru
98Q-8O - Ninja's Burger Joint Syndicate 98Q-8O Raitaru
98Q-8O - ΩΣ Equipment Factory Syndicate 98Q-8O Raitaru
AAS-8R - Vic Jefferson's Campaign Failure Syndicate AAS-8R Raitaru
AAS-8R - Alex Dua's 'No Spin' Zone Syndicate AAS-8R Raitaru
AAS-8R - Institute for Zionist Strategies Syndicate AAS-8R Raitaru
2Q-I6Q - Miner's Dinner Free Services Syndicate 2Q-I6Q Raitaru
5-75MB - Ammo-Fighters-Mods Syndicate 5-75MB Raitaru
QWF-6P - Rait Syndicate QWF-6P Raitaru
I0AB-R - Love Laboratory Syndicate I0AB-R Raitaru
I0AB-R - Harder Working Naked Men Syndicate I0AB-R Raitaru
CY-ZLP - Númenor Syndicate CY-ZLP Raitaru
CY-ZLP - Purple Dragon-nor? Syndicate CY-ZLP Raitaru
UM-Q7F - Ataraxia Syndicate UM-Q7F Raitaru
5-75MB - Comps Syndicate 5-75MB Raitaru
ZN0-SR - The Gorilla Nest Syndicate ZN0-SR Raitaru
35-RK9 - (◠‿◠✿) Syndicate 35-RK9 Raitaru
I-YGGI - Peppercorn Syndicate I-YGGI Raitaru
I-YGGI - Rait - Advanced Syndicate I-YGGI Raitaru
I-YGGI - Rait - Comps Syndicate I-YGGI Raitaru
I-YGGI - Rait - Subs Syndicate I-YGGI Raitaru
KTHT-O - TTB Syndicate KTHT-O Raitaru
2X-PQG - Raata Station Two Syndicate 2X-PQG Raitaru
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