Devoid Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
Odin - Selling check bio Devoid Odin Raitaru
Odin - Ammo-Drones-and mods Devoid Odin Raitaru
Odin - For sale bio for details Devoid Odin Raitaru
Odin - Move jobs and assets out Devoid Odin Raitaru
Dital - Drydock 1 - Aurgnet drive yards Devoid Dital Raitaru
Nakatre - Eagle Ring Shipyards Devoid Nakatre Raitaru
Hakshma - The Rock Devoid Hakshma Raitaru
Shastal - Compression spot Devoid Shastal Raitaru
Shastal - Bastian Labs Devoid Shastal Raitaru
Dihra - Devoid Outpost Devoid Dihra Raitaru
Upper Debyl - Molecular Labs Devoid Upper Debyl Raitaru
Palpis - GR&S Shipyard Devoid Palpis Raitaru
Nakatre - Fresh and Full of Life Devoid Nakatre Raitaru
Lower Debyl - Reasearch Invention T1 Productio Devoid Lower Debyl Raitaru
Naeel - Mordus Comand Center Devoid Naeel Raitaru
Dital - HATH Ind - Manufacturing Devoid Dital Raitaru
Shastal - Kiddie Pool Devoid Shastal Raitaru
Naeel - Forge Devoid Naeel Raitaru
Dital - A New Hope Devoid Dital Raitaru
Faktun - Manufacturing station Devoid Faktun Raitaru
Dital - Nexus Assembly Plant 1 Devoid Dital Raitaru
Mendori - Production Center Devoid Mendori Raitaru
Nidebora - PANTHEON Devoid Nidebora Raitaru
Odin - TVP Welcomes You Devoid Odin Raitaru
Dital - Federation Research Facility Devoid Dital Raitaru
Lisudeh - Mos Nihil Devoid Lisudeh Raitaru
Lisudeh - F00L Devoid Lisudeh Raitaru
Palpis - Novus Ordo Mundi Devoid Palpis Raitaru
Shastal - Bastian Manufacturing Devoid Shastal Raitaru
Mehatoor - Public Refinery with Rigs Devoid Mehatoor Raitaru
Roushzar - Vertrafisi Freeport Devoid Roushzar Raitaru
Naeel - Atomium II Devoid Naeel Raitaru
Dital - HATH Ind - T2 Manufacturing Devoid Dital Raitaru
Esescama - de Furioso Devoid Esescama Raitaru
Riavayed - CORE Labs Devoid Riavayed Raitaru
Dihra - Evian Research Devoid Dihra Raitaru
Choonka - Nomad HQ Devoid Choonka Raitaru
Ehnoum - Welcome Too Devoid Ehnoum Raitaru
Riavayed - Kinkos R-D-I Devoid Riavayed Raitaru
Shastal - Dingo Devoid Shastal Raitaru
Riavayed - NHEX Production Facility Devoid Riavayed Raitaru
Dital - KHO INC - research Devoid Dital Raitaru
Sasoutikh - Home One Devoid Sasoutikh Raitaru
Dihra - Evian Outpost Devoid Dihra Raitaru
Mendori - kali laska Devoid Mendori Raitaru
Choonka - Slate-Stone-Research Prone Devoid Choonka Raitaru
Dital - Nexus Assembly Plant Devoid Dital Raitaru
Laddiaha - CC Manufacturing Devoid Laddiaha Raitaru
Sasoutikh - Insane Devoid Sasoutikh Raitaru
Dihra - Lux Media Lab 0,2% Devoid Dihra Raitaru
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