Tash-Murkon Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
Iro - Hermes SATGI Industrial Platform Tash-Murkon Iro Raitaru
Perdan - VSEB Engineering and Science Tash-Murkon Perdan Raitaru
Lari - FP22 - For Sale 500 Mil Tash-Murkon Lari Raitaru
Lari - FP24 - For Sale 500 Mil Tash-Murkon Lari Raitaru
Yeder - S.M.U.S.H.E.R. Tash-Murkon Yeder Raitaru
Adahum - Stuff n' Things Tash-Murkon Adahum Raitaru
Tash-Murkon Prime - Research - Invention Tash-Murkon Tash-Murkon Prime Raitaru
Sehmosh - Istrolid Elysium trade hub Tash-Murkon Sehmosh Raitaru
Lari - Freeport 21 - Invent and Fuel Tash-Murkon Lari Raitaru
Baviasi - Strana Mechty Tash-Murkon Baviasi Raitaru
Ghishul - Capital Factory Tash-Murkon Ghishul Raitaru
Dabrid - MRDC Factory Tash-Murkon Dabrid Raitaru
Goram - Llama Lounge Tash-Murkon Goram Raitaru
Uhodoh - Lunar Base Tash-Murkon Uhodoh Raitaru
Dabrid - Research and Banking Centre Tash-Murkon Dabrid Raitaru
Hibi - Comis Societas Engineering Tash-Murkon Hibi Raitaru
Jarzalad - ShlongPlex Tash-Murkon Jarzalad Raitaru
Esa - BANE ENGINEERING CENTER Tash-Murkon Esa Raitaru
Ghishul - LAB 23 Tash-Murkon Ghishul Raitaru
Sinid - Grayleaf Research Center Tash-Murkon Sinid Raitaru
Alra - Research ME Service Tash-Murkon Alra Raitaru
Pera - Angelus Ignis Tash-Murkon Pera Raitaru
Adar - Corbulo Academy Of Science Tash-Murkon Adar Raitaru
Pimebeka - Atlantis Tash-Murkon Pimebeka Raitaru
Seil - SOTA PoP Factory Tash-Murkon Seil Raitaru
Pimebeka - THE MONASTERY, Miners freeport Tash-Murkon Pimebeka Raitaru
Ivih - Flormen Industries Tash-Murkon Ivih Raitaru
Goni - Lonmin Tash-Murkon Goni Raitaru
Adahum - echo99's Orca Whelp Factory Tash-Murkon Adahum Raitaru
Hibi - Manufacturing Plant Tash-Murkon Hibi Raitaru
Sizamod - Research Tash-Murkon Sizamod Raitaru
Sizamod - MANDALOR AXILLARY CONSTRUCYION Y Tash-Murkon Sizamod Raitaru
Paye - Ne Desit Virtus Tash-Murkon Paye Raitaru
Kibursha - CORSEC Industrial Plant Tash-Murkon Kibursha Raitaru
Seitam - Skunkwork Palace Tash-Murkon Seitam Raitaru
Lari - Freeport 23 - Offiline Tash-Murkon Lari Raitaru
Lari - Freeport 20 - BPOs Tash-Murkon Lari Raitaru
Ahteer - CBAPOr Tash-Murkon Ahteer Raitaru
Taru - BofB Industry Tash-Murkon Taru Raitaru
Sehmosh - Shrinky Dink Tash-Murkon Sehmosh Raitaru
Lari - Freeport 25 - Offiline Tash-Murkon Lari Raitaru
Ahkour - MAD Public Productions Tash-Murkon Ahkour Raitaru
Moutid - ♣♥ iceyhot buildit sta Tash-Murkon Moutid Raitaru
Azerakish - Public Repro & Manufacture Tash-Murkon Azerakish Raitaru
Anjedin - NGA Tash-Murkon Anjedin Raitaru
Seil - Copy Station - ME - TE Tash-Murkon Seil Raitaru
Mimen - Freeport 15% taxes Tash-Murkon Mimen Raitaru
Azerakish - Areneau Research Complex Tash-Murkon Azerakish Raitaru
Dabrid - Echo Building Tash-Murkon Dabrid Raitaru
Matyas - Dragon Den Tash-Murkon Matyas Raitaru
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