The Forge Structures

These structures have been recorded at least once, although could subsequently have been destroyed or unanchored.

Name Region System Type
Otosela - Pommesbude The Forge Otosela Raitaru
Uemon - nomeU The Forge Uemon Raitaru
Oijanen - Wohnwagen an der B1 The Forge Oijanen Raitaru
Airaken - The Iron Fortress The Forge Airaken Raitaru
Itamo - Hedgefund Reposessions The Forge Itamo Raitaru
Otela - Heaven's Workshop The Forge Otela Raitaru
Nomaa - Lab of Hephaestus The Forge Nomaa Raitaru
Maurasi - Adversity Industrial HUB The Forge Maurasi Raitaru
Liekuri - LIGRO The Forge Liekuri Raitaru
Niyabainen - the free port The Forge Niyabainen Raitaru
Unpas - Research Invention Manufacturing The Forge Unpas Raitaru
Unpas - Manufactoring Service The Forge Unpas Raitaru
Josameto - Asarthor Industries The Forge Josameto Raitaru
Perimeter - Good luck The Forge Perimeter Raitaru
Vattuolen - Redbird Engineering The Forge Vattuolen Raitaru
Otitoh - Stoned Baked The Forge Otitoh Raitaru
Nomaa - Moon II - Caldari Research The Forge Nomaa Raitaru
Tuuriainas - Invention center rigged online The Forge Tuuriainas Raitaru
Purjola - Kevin's summer home The Forge Purjola Raitaru
New Caldari - India Station - Reserve The Forge New Caldari Raitaru
Wuos - 1451 The Forge Wuos Raitaru
Obanen - Freeport The Forge Obanen Raitaru
Sirseshin - Schnalzenberg The Forge Sirseshin Raitaru
Urlen - JetEye The Forge Urlen Raitaru
Poinen - Jericho Manufacturing Station The Forge Poinen Raitaru
Uchoshi - AE-EC-FOUV The Forge Uchoshi Raitaru
Mastakomon - Freeport The Forge Mastakomon Raitaru
Abagawa - Local 1369 Manufacturing Hub The Forge Abagawa Raitaru
Mitsolen - A Public Skulls Production The Forge Mitsolen Raitaru
Ikami - Da Build Haus The Forge Ikami Raitaru
Aokannitoh - Penthouse The Forge Aokannitoh Raitaru
Urlen - 2% ME - Module Prod The Forge Urlen Raitaru
Urlen - Public Industrial Core The Forge Urlen Raitaru
Ikami - Online again - Processing Plant The Forge Ikami Raitaru
Obanen - Obanen for Business The Forge Obanen Raitaru
Poinen - Babilon 5 Free Industry Port The Forge Poinen Raitaru
Niyabainen - Structure manufacturing 5% tax The Forge Niyabainen Raitaru
Maurasi - Manufacturing and Research The Forge Maurasi Raitaru
Akkilen - hope The Forge Akkilen Raitaru
Shihuken - TCPZ The Forge Shihuken Raitaru
Olo - Wheat State Technologies The Forge Olo Raitaru
New Caldari - Thunder Manufacturing The Forge New Caldari Raitaru
Wuos - Outpost The Forge Wuos Raitaru
Onuse - Port The Forge Onuse Raitaru
Otela - Tripoli Outpost The Forge Otela Raitaru
Airaken - Freeport The Forge Airaken Raitaru
Sakenta - Deep Space Fortress The Forge Sakenta Raitaru
Outuni - industrial manufacturing The Forge Outuni Raitaru
Ansila - Freeport closing The Forge Ansila Raitaru
Jatate - Sun Observatiory The Forge Jatate Raitaru
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