Structure Statistics

Intrepid explorers have discovered over 11,000 citadels and engineering complexes across New Eden, as they flesh out the Structure API for third party applications such as Evernus and jEveAssets.

As of Fanfest 2017 we know there are at least 12,000 more structures yet to be discovered, and the efforts of these fearless explorers have generated the most complete list of structures - whether public or private - that is available to anyone other than CCP.

Here is what we've found out so far.

Structure Types

Top 10 Regions for Structures

Public Structures

Or, check out the full list of known structures.

Disclaimer: this data is not complete, contains structures that have since been destroyed or unanchored, and is biased towards areas that participating explorers have visited the most. But it contains data about structures you may not be able to dock at - which aren't available through ESI...however as of Fanfest 2017, we know that roughly 43% of deployed citadels have been logged!