Structure Spotting Guide

Structures and Engineering Complexes can be found on the overview, via d-scan, or by finding them on the scan overlay in space. Every structure in a system appears either on the overview (if a public structure) or on the sensor overlay (if you don't have access to the structure). Once you find a structure, save a bookmark with the name that the game suggests - if you edit the name of the bookmark, you may not get credit for discovering that structre.

From the overview

Structures with public docking access will appear on your overview when you fly into a system. Right-click on the entry and save a bookmark with the default name that the game suggests.

overview bookmarking

Via d-scan

Structures can also be found via d-scan whether or not you have docking access, provided you are within range of the structre. Ensure that your d-scan filters are set up to show structure, then scan away. Once you find a structure, right-click on it and save the location - making sure to retain the default bookmark name to ensure you get credit for your discovery. d-scan bookmarking

Sensor Overlay

All structures in a system are visible on the sensor overlay - they are the icons with blue bars. sensor overlay Once you have found a structure on the sensor overlay, simply right click and save the bookmark with the default name that the game suggests. sensor overlay bookmarking Every blue line in the sensor overlay ring on your your HUD points to a non-public structure - structures on your overview don't seem to show on this ring. sensor overlay ring Its possible to tell the sensor overlay not to show anomalies or signatures, which makes it easier to locate the structures by lining up your camera on the blue lines on the sensor overlay ring. If you want to do this, bring up the overlay settings by moving your mouse just outside your shield bar on the HUD and switch off whatever you don't want to see. sensor overlay settings


  • If you want to follow the less trodden path, have a look at the list of known citadels and see in which regions noone's discovered many structures yet.
  • Public structures are identifiable through ESI, so these get added to this API automatically. Private structures only show up on your overview when you are on grid with them, so generally you will need to use d-scan or the sensor overlay to discover new structures.
  • If you're not interested in anomalies, signatures, landmarks and so on, prevent the sensor overlay showing them as it makes it easier to find structures.
  • If you check both the sensor overlay and the overview, you can be sure that you've seen every structure in a system.
  • You can bookmark an entire system during the gate cloak period!

Now get out there and earn some ISK!