The Great Structure Hunt

Earn millions of ISK as you fly between solar systems and help improve third-party applications!

Calling the explorers of New Eden!

Earn millions of ISK while you scan down anomalies, by tracking down structures hidden in the darkest corners of New Eden.

Capsuleers have anchored thousands of structures across New Eden, and these structures appear in API data used by third-party websites and applications. However CCP's APIs don't provide complete information about structures in the game to third party apps/websites, in contrast to outposts, which causes problems for those third party tools.

This crowd-sourcing project piggy-backs upon the efforts of capsuleers exploring New Eden to assemble the needed data for a third-party API which improves apps and websites such as Evernus and jEveAssets.


An opportunity has arisen

Bookmark the citadels and engineering complexes that you come across in space, and receive 1,000,000 ISK for each previously-unknown structure that you find. You can bookmark an entire system's structures well before gate cloak runs out so its pretty much free ISK.

Billions of ISK has already been paid out already, and based on information released at Fanfest 2017, there are around 12,000 deployed structures still out there that are waiting to be identified, meaning there is billions more ISK to be claimed.

overview bookmarking

Get Started

It's really easy to start getting hold of this ISK. Simply:

  1. login Authorise this website to scan your character's bookmarks for structures (non-structure bookmarks are ignored).
  2. Get out in space and bookmark every structure you find - more structures are being anchored every day!
  3. Track your progress and request payouts at My Progress.

How do I find and bookmark these structures?

Citadels and Engineering Complexes can be found on the overview, via d-scan, or by finding them on the scan overlay in space. Once you find a structure, save a bookmark with the name that the game suggests - if you edit the name of the bookmark, you may not get credit for discovering that structure. For some tips about locating structure see the Structure Spotting Guide.

Any questions? Check the FAQ or mail "Messenger Of Truth" in game.

Now get out there and earn some ISK!