Change Log

Date Change
4 Jul 2017 Add structure search functionality.
5 May 2017 Add system index history tool for industry planning.
24 March 2017 Add System Index Multiplier API.
Feb/March 2017 Migrate to faster database.
07 December 2016 Add killboard for Public Structures.
10 November 2016 Structure Hunt: no longer called Citadel Hunt! Imports public structures from ESI.
10 November 2016 API: Add x/y/z coordinates, and public docking status to API results.
26 October 2016 Citadel Hunt: enable committed explorers to fetch bookmarks from multiple characters simultaneously
28 September 2016 Citadel Hunt: statistics
03 September 2016 Citadel Hunt: add FAQ and Guide
31 August 2016 Trade Hub Price Check: allow more suggestions, but scroll dropdown if there are a lot of them
27 August 2016 Introduce the Citadel Hunt crowd-sourcing challenge.
18 August 2016 API: add citadel type for any citadels that have been manually tagged via the bookmark API
18 August 2016 API: add some information about how well different crest/xml apis work with citadels
17 August 2016 API: show list of known citadels on API info page
16 August 2016 Trade Hub Price Check: ranged buy orders from citadels weren't showing
16 August 2016 API: Include system id, system name and region name
15 August 2016 Add API to allow querying of known citadel info
14 July 2016 Strip trailing space from search terms, to counteract the space added when copying an item link in-game via ctrl-A, ctrl-C
3rd July 2016 Focus price check search box on page load and improve styling, no longer beta status
25th June 2016 Upgrade django to solve 500 error
15th June 2016 Preparations for CREST integration
12th June 2016 Reduce size of price check header
11th June 2016 Add change log and top menu bar
10th June 2016 Improve styling with bootstrap
8th June 2016 Use memcached to improve performance slightly
5th June 2016 Eliminate unpublished items from the autocomplete suggestions
21st May 2016 Initial deployment